How to Make Your Own Home Made Super Baby Food

Making your own home made food for your infant will result in you giving your baby some super baby food. It will taste nutritious and be made from fresh ingredients with no preservatives. Even if you have a busy schedule you can still produce fresh super baby food for your infant.

Making super baby food at home requires only a few ingredients. You will need an ice cube tray, good quality freezer bags. A blender or baby food grinder is preferable, but you can manage without one if necessary.

One of the easiest foods that you can prepare is applesauce, simply peel the apples and dice small, cook over low heat until softened. Check to see if there are no lumps and then pour into the ice cube trays. Freeze and then put individual cubes into a labeled freezer bag.

The next food is bananas. Allow the bananas to go soft, or sometimes you can purchase softened bananas at your grocery store really cheaply. Chop them up and put through the blender. Now the bananas will tend to be a little brown. If your child is a bit older you can add a few drops of lemon juice to prevent this browning, just make sure that they have had either the juice or the bananas before, as you do not want to introduce two new foods at once. Again freeze them and place into your labeled freezer bag. russian chocolate

To make super baby food from vegetables choose sweet potatoes first. These are easy to cook and mash and then puree or blend. Again freeze and label. Other good veggie choices for your child include regular potatoes, squash, carrots and peas.

When you thaw out your fresh super baby food it might be a little too thick. If so just add either a small amount of water or formula to make it the correct consistency. You will probably want to use 3 ice cubes of food at first, using more as your child grows.

As your child gets older and is ready to eat meats your blender may not chop or puree the meat enough. This is when it is best to switch to a food processor if possible. Small food processors are available at a minimum cost, if money is an issue.

When introducing meats start by using chicken or turkey breast sliced up and puree. These are wonderful super baby food choices and are easy to digest.


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